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Shipping A Car To France

We are experts when it comes to importing a vehicle to France from anywhere in the world. As we have more than a decade in the trade, we are familiar with the difficulties around moving a vehicle to France. We make it our priority to provide a comprehensive to any of our clients that need their vehicle in France.

How to move your car from the UK to France?

Vehicles are moved from the UK to France through various methods like roll-on roll-off and containerized shipping format, trade plate, truck/trailer back, or road trip.

Registration in France

If you intend to spend more than 6 months in France or you are moving permanently, you need to get your car registered with Préfecture, the administrative headquarters in France.

Proof papers

You will be asked to provide your basic documents like your ID, certificate residency, custom papers, and car manufacturers documents at the local Préfecture. Before you can get Demande de certificat d’immatriculation d’un véhicule and finalize your vehicle importation process. More so, if your car was registered in the UK and you are relocating, please do well to contact DVLA. Let them be aware that you are permanently exporting the car. And you will be asked to bring the export slip and the V5C registration form

Vat exemption

One of the best things you will be thrilled to know is that your car can get into France free of duty. And this applies to used cars or cars that have covered up to 6,000 kilometers because VAT is believed to have been paid while the car was in the UK. However, this only applies to cars that are over 6 months old, new cars are required by the French government to pay VAT unless you have documents to prove that VAT was paid on the car. Furthermore, you will also present the registration papers and sales receipt to Centre des Imports for confirmation and collection of tax clearance papers.

MOT test for older cars

For cars that are over 4 years old, you will have to submit it for MOT inspection to enable them to confirm if your car still meets the roadworthiness criteria in France.

Conformity test

All cars coming into France must pass the EU or conformity test.

Your car must be in a driving condition

Ideally, since your car will be moving to France on the back of a truck, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a working condition, but it is still important. So, take care to ensure it has satisfied the MOT test before moving it to France.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car From The UK To France?

The cost of moving cars to France varies due to factors like the location, the model of the car, delivery method and other considerations.
Typical vehical transportation from England to France starts from £499.00 plus VAT. To get a bespoke price based on your needs then get in touch with us for a free consultation.

How Long Does It Take to Ship A Car To France

At this stage, you will be bothered about how long it will take for your car to breathe the French air, right? Well, some factors like:

If you have a car that you need to be moved from one location to another then get in touch for a free consultation, doesn’t matter if it’s one car or multiple, to the UK or internationally then we are here to help.

Popular Destinations in France


The Billionaires’ playground as it is popularly called because of its extravagant display of wealth, casinos, and other exciting and lavishing lifestyle. Monaco is also a sovereign city and one of our most popular locations/destinations.

Port Hercules

Undoubtedly the only used port in Monaco because it is the only deep-water port available in Monaco. Standing in La Condamine district over 40 acres providing sufficient anchorage to over 700 vessels. If you would prefer the containerized or roll-on roll-off shipping option, here is one for you.


Another attraction of tourism and famous for the international film festival, luxury boutiques, classical hotels and resorts, sandy beaches, and several other fun locations. It stands prestigiously on the French Riviera and plays host to our customers as well. So, you also have the choice of considering Cannes as another destination your cars can be delivered to.


Not only is it a nice place for vacation but Nice is known as the 7th most populous city in France, and famous for beautiful sightseeing sites. If you are visiting France for the first time, it wouldn’t be wrong to have your destination fixed for Nice so you can check out this city.


Not only is it popular for being French’s capital or for housing famous and classical structures like the Eiffel tower, Gothic Notre Damme cathedral but also one of the destinations we transport cars to the most.

Haropa ports

Loved and popular as the first inland port in France and also the second-largest port in Europe. Resting over 1000 hectares of land and managing water traffic. If the shipping option is your desire, you can plan with this port in mind or we can deliver your vehicle from here onwards.

Important Things to Know When Transporting Your Car to France

A few points if you’re taking your car to France.

You can keep your UK license and plate for some time

Do you know you can enjoy the liberty of your UK license till it expires in France? If you barely renewed your vehicle license before thinking about relocating to France, take no worries as you can keep them till it expires. However, your UK plate can only be used for six months from the time you arrived and subsequently changed to the French plates.

If your car is more than six months old:

You will have to get it registered at Centre des Impot along with your certificate of purchase.

Methods of transporting your car to France

Should You Drive or Ship Your Car to France?

The decision to drive your car or have it shipped from the UK to France is entirely your decision but it’s worth weighing up the situation. Driving your car to France is an achievable feat but it is not good option for anyone who cant drive for long periods, has a mileage sensitive car or is too busy.
By Shipping or having your car delivered to France on a trailer you save time, inconvenience and compared to driving across (and the cost of fuel, and pit stop food) . Expectedly, shipping is a good option and goodly expensive too. With only a few hours of a road trip from the UK to France, why break your bank for a fancy ship importation when other helpful options are available.

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