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Shipping A Car To Portugal

Whether you are relocating to Portugal from the UK (or further abroad) or just want your car there temporarily, having a car transported to Portugal is pretty simple if you outsource it to a professional. Below are a few key points to consider if you’re looking to ship your car to Portugal, get a free quote now by either giving us a call on the number above or by filling in our contact form.

How To Ship A Car To Portugal

Whatever the reasons are moving your car to Portugal, one of the important things to know as you begin the plans to have your car shipped is to know what you have to do to get it there safely and legally
Know that the two bodies responsible for transport and road concerns in Portugal are: The National Authority for Road Safety (Authoridade Nacional de Seguraca Rodoviara, ANSR) and Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres (IMTT)
Know that the two bodies responsible for transport and road concerns in Portugal are: The National Authority for Road Safety (Authoridade Nacional de Seguraca Rodoviara, ANSR) and Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres (IMTT)
You also need to get your certificate of conformity (COC) this is a legal certificate provided by the manufacturer of the car confirming that the vehicle has satisfied all the technical and physical features of a car and fit for the importation. And with the help of a car dealer or transport agent, it can take up to 15 days to get one, provided you have your car identity number.
If you are importing the car permanently, you will need to get from Driver and Licensing Agency (DVLA) your certification of residency cancellation in the UK, application for Portuguese residency, and proof of identity.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Portugal

The cost of shipping your car to Portugal will vary based on where the vehicle is being picked up and where it is being delivered to. The type of vehicle and the method of how you want it arriving at its destination will also play a part in how much it will cost to get it there.
Call us to get a free consultation but an estimate an estimation of £800 should be anticipated.
While the figure may be higher than you’re expecting you must also factor in that you will need to spend significant sums if you drive a vehicle to Portugal, you’ll have to pay any fees, petrol, food to keep the driver going and you’ll be adding mileage on to your car.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To Portugal

There are a few factors that will impact the time it takes to get your vehicle in Portugal; Preliminary delivery checks and paperwork The location it was picked up Finance The truck option you selected Destination and some minor inspections and agreements. Once these above conditions are met, the car can be moved in as quick as 24-48 hours.

Popular destinations in Portugal

The Algarve

Portugal’s southernmost region is known for its Atlantic beaches and golf resorts and is a popular destination for its fantastic weather, incredible scenery, food and a great ex-pat population.


Not only is Lisbon loved for its astounding and spellbound hilly topography but popular as a Portugal’ s capital it has incredible experiences for families and one hell of a nightlife.


It is indeed the second largest city in Portugal for many reasons and as a visitor or retiree, you are promised an awesome reception.

If you have a car that you need to be moved from one location to another then get in touch for a free consultation, doesn’t matter if it’s one car or multiple, to the UK or internationally then we are here to help.

Important Things To Know When Shipping Your Car To Portugal

With an idea of the destinations in Portugal, you would like to explore more on the important things you need before contemplating a car importation from the UK to Portugal, right?
So, here are more conditions to note.
Get the certificate of conformity. As already mentioned, get your COC and get your car homologated by IMT. This is to confirm that your car has satisfied all the technical requirements as stated in the COC form.

Tax exemptions

If you are an ex-immigrant or expatriate, you are exempted from VAT when importing a car into Portugal. And if you are a Portuguese and wish to relocate, you are also free of VAT and ISV taxes. However, you must be above the age of 18, the car must be registered under your name for a minimum of six months before the time of the importation. And that you lived in the country you are relocating from for a least 6 months.
To confirm the above, you will be asked to provide the following Certificate of residency. A proof that you lived in the city or country as acclaimed.
More proofs like receipts from the grocery shop, utility bills receipts, etc. to confirm your former residency. The vehicle papers that prove your ownership of the car. Certificate of cancellation of residency from your former country or city’s consulate. Note, all these apply only when you are relocating to Portugal but if you are simply moving the car for sale, it doesn’t apply. You will be required to submit your car for examination. Once your car arrives, it has to be inspected at the inspection centre, and you are expected to request an appointment. Note, this is one of the last tests you need to pass before securing a driver’s license and it is only applicable to permanent residents. Plan for a residence permit. If you are moving permanently to Portugal, you will be required to have your car registered after 180 days of using it in Portugal. And at the expiration of your 180 days, you should apply for a resident permit and subject the car to inspection. This inspection is intended to confirm that the car meets the road and transport conditions of Portugal, and expectedly, European cars will always meet the conditions. However, the rules are not always the same for all cars, some SUV’s, saloon, or collectable cars are examined under different rules. You will substitute your foreign driver’s paperwork for Portuguese. Since you are moving permanently to Portugal you will be asked to submit your foreign driver’s license when applying for a residence permit and be given the Portuguese driver’s license. But if you are importing the car for sale, you are required to pay value-added tax, if you sell the car within one year, the tax will come later. Nevertheless, if it is used car you are exempted from VAT and you are allowed to import one car free of duty every five years.

Should you drive or transport a car to Portugal

The answer to this depends entirely on your situation, if you’ve all the time in the world and want an enjoyable road trip through Europe then driving can make sense. If you don’t have time to drive your car to Portugal, don’t want to or have a car that’s sensitive to adding miles to it then it makes sense to have it transported for you via a fully insured company where you don’t need to worry about it.

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