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Shipping A Car To Switzerland

When it comes to shipping your car to Switzerland or the rest of Europe it makes sense to use the experts. We’ve got over two decades of experience of transporting vehicles around the world.

We make it our priority to provide a comprehensive service our clients ensuring their vehicle arrives on time in Switzerland when its required and in the exact condition it was in when we collect it.

Supercar shipped to sweden

How to move your car from the UK to Switzerland?

Vehicles are transported in to Switzerland through various methods like roll-on roll-off and container shipping, trade plate, truck/trailer back, or road trip through Europe. Wherever your car needs to be in Switzerland we can get it there safely, quickly and fully insured.

How Long Does It Take to Ship A Car To Switzerland

The time it takes to transport your car to Switzerland will vary on a number of factors such as:

If you’re transporting your vehicle from the UK it can be moved to Switzerland via ship or trailer in 7-10 days but if you’re transporting from the US or Asia it is 21-40 days.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car From The UK To Switzerland?

The cost of moving cars to Switzerland varies due to factors like the location of both the collection and deliver of the vehicle, the model of the car (because of the size of it), delivery method and other considerations such as value (higher insurances) etc

The average vehicle transportation from England to Switzerland starts from as little as £499.00 plus VAT. To get a bespoke price based on your needs then get in touch with us for a free consultation as it will depend on the distance, the vehicle and the method..

Swiss VAT & Import Fees

There is a Swiss VAT to be added on car imports which right now is 7.7% and customs duties are 4% of the current value of the car (not the price you paid when you first bought it).

There are a number of documents that you will have to produce in order to legally register your vehicle in Switzerland alongside paying these taxes.

We can provide advice and guidance on what documents you need to have present and correct to ensure a smooth registration in Switzerland.

Switzerland's Carbon dioxide emissions tax

In 2012 Switzerland implemented new law impacting the taxation of cars based on their emissions. Cars with high CO2 emissions will have a higher tax to pay than vehicles that have low emissions. This is worth thinking about if you have a high value – high emission vehicle like a supercar.

If you have a car that you need to be moved from one location to another, then get in touch for a free consultation, doesn’t matter if it’s one car or multiple, to the UK or internationally then we are here to help.

Popular Destinations in Switzerland


Zurich is absolutely packed with culture, it’s the largest city in Switzerland. Despite only having a relatively small population Zurich is one of the largest financial hubs in the world. Zurich as repeatedly won awards for the quality of life it provides it’s residents so we can see why you’d want to be there.


Geneva is regarded as an international hub for business and finance in the world and is famous for its car and watch following. Whilst it’s expensive to live in Geneva it’s balanced out with the quality of life it’s residents enjoy.


Basel is considered to be the cultural hub of Switzerland famous for it’s museums, restaurants and entertainment.

Swiss Alps

If its adventure you’re after and you’re a keen skier then spending time at the Swiss Alps is a no brainer, now you can be there with your car without worrying about how you’re going to get it there and back. You can also put some of your luggage in the vehicle and we can transport that too.

Important Things to Know When Transporting Your Car to Switzerland

A few points if you’re taking your car to Switzerland.

Compulsory Car Testing

If your vehicle comes with European Certificate of Conformity it can be imported in to Switzerland without tests or modifications.

If your car does not meet Swiss road standards and regulations you will have to modify your vehicle and have it tested by the authorities.

The modifications you may have to make will vary from vehicle to vehicle, we’ve guided customers in the past of how to adapt their vehicles to meet Swiss standards and we can help you too!

Should you drive or have your car transported to Switzerland.

The decision to drive your car or have it shipped to Switzerland is completely up to you but it’s worth considering all aspects of both options. Driving your car to Switzerland is an achievable feat from Europe but it is not good option for anyone who cant drive for long periods, has a mileage sensitive car or is too busy to put the time in to transporting the vehicle..

By Shipping or having your car delivered to any location in Switzerland on a trailer you save time and inconvenience and its not that much more expensive to have it shipped than transporting it there yourself because of how much you would spend on fuel, accomodation and the opportunity cost of you taking time out of your schedule to drive it to Switzerland yourself. 

Methods of transporting your car to Switzerland.

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