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Car shipping to Italy

Whatever your reason, and for however long if you want your car(s) moving to Italy, whether permanently or a round trip, and you don’t want to do it yourself then get in touch for a free consultation.

UK to Italy car shipping

Whether you’re going for a holiday or you’re relocating permanently to Italy, if you want your car there, hassle free for the moment you arrive then get in touch for a free consultation. We can pick your vehicle up from anywhere in the UK and have it delivered at your chosen location in Italy securely, we can also bring it back when you’ve finished.

Europe to Italy car shipping

If your vehicle(s) are anywhere in Europe other than Italy we can collect them and have them delivered for you, ready for your stay, we can either transport them on the back of a multivehicle transporter or a solo covered transporter to protect your high value asset.

US/Asia to Italy car Transportation

If you’re shipping your car to Italy from the US or Asia its going to be for a long term or a very high level vehicle for a special event, if you do want to take your vehicle with you, picked up from any location, to be delivered at any location in Italy then just get in touch to discuss logistics.

If you have a car that you need to be moved from one location to another then get in touch for a free consultation, doesn’t matter if it’s one car or multiple, to the UK or internationally then we are here to help.

How to import a vehicle to Italy

Whenever you’re transporting your vehicle to another country whether short or long term it makes sense to research any regulations you need to meet in order to be legal when you’re there. If you’re only in Italy for short term you likely wont need to do any modifications or pay anything extra however if you’re planning to be in Italy permanently then you’ll have to complete a number of tasks and complete a number of documents such as tax, registration fees, certificate of conformity, emissions modifications and finally proof of insurance.

shipping a car to Italy or renting one while you’re there?

It is always worth weighing up the costs of shipping your car to another country if you aren’t going to be there long or if you’re not taking your vehicle for a specific purpose. If you’re only in Italy for a week or so it might not be worth it unless you’re doing something like taking your car around the to an event..

If you’re looking to ship your car to Italy then get in touch for a free consultation.

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